Furniture Safe Storage

Storing furniture is a challenge for many, but with the right techniques, it is possible to preserve your furniture for a long time. There are several varied options for storing furniture, and the cost of each option is different.   Moisture and dust are significant issues that need to be taken care of when storing furniture. The first thing to remember is to make sure that your furniture is cleaned well, and disassembling the furniture if possible. Plastic wrap is a great way to keep dust and moisture away. Delicate things like glass and ceramic should be given extra care with bubble wrap.

How to do Safe Antique Furniture Storage?

Antique furniture is usually made of teak or rosewood, and it is prudent to make sure that the wood is protected from insects, moisture and dust. Climate controlled storage, along with insurance for your antique furniture is a good idea for storing antique furniture. A security alarm system will also ensure that your antique furniture is not stolen.

Long Term Furniture Storage Tips

When it comes to storage of furniture for a reasonably long period, it is important to remember that cleaning the furniture first, before covering it with plastic is absolutely necessary. Because dust and moisture are a serious problem, climate controlled storage is a better option for the long-term storage of furniture.

Steps to be taken Before storing a Furniture

When storing furniture over a relatively long period, protection from dust and moisture are essential. Cleaning the furniture, dismantling what can be disassembled and covering everything with plastic sheets and plastic wrap will ensure that the furniture stays in good condition even when it is stored for an extended period of time.

Jewels & Expensive Items

Jewels are prized possessions and cost a lot of money, often making them a target for thieves. Jewels can be stored in the right way by keeping them in a jewel box which is clean and dry. Moisture is not good for jewelry. It is better to line the jewel box with soft fabric and keep each piece separately so that they do not rub or scratch against one another. Gold jewelry can be maintained separately, and it is better to keep a tab on the jewelry that you have.  If you’re keeping your jewelry at home, you could use a safe or locker.

How to secure fine jewels & Diamonds?

Fine jewels and diamonds need special care. Diamonds are hard and can scratch other jewels. It is best to store diamond jewelry in a soft fabric lined pouch. Keeping a separate compartment for each piece of exotic jewel is one way to make sure that it doesn’t get damaged. Exotic jewels and diamonds are safest in a bank locker.

Tips For Organizing And Keeping different Jewelry types

If jewels are stored in the right way, it can stay for an extended period.  Cleaning your jewels well, keeping the jewels separately in different pouches, and storing them in airtight compartments are a great way to make sure that they last for a long time without getting damaged in any way.

How to Take care of Vintage Jewelry?

Vintage or antique jewelry has to be given special care and must be protected from liquids like hairspray, lotion or perfumes. It is best to store vintage jewelry in separate pouches that are lined with soft fabric. Antique diamond jewelry must be cleaned and loose stones repaired as and when necessary

Fragile & Perishable Items

Delicate items like fine china, paintings as well as perishable items like food will have to be stored with extra care. Bubble wrap is a great way to store delicate things like glasses, or other breakables. It is best to get professional help when storing fragile items, and marking these boxes as “fragile” will make it a lot easier.  Ready to foods like milk, eggs, cookies, etc. are best placed on the higher shelf in the refrigerator, while meat should go on the lower rack and vegetables on the lowest tray. Condiments and spices are best placed on the door of the fridge as they have a longer shelf life. 

Risks in Storing Fragile and Perishable Items

Fragile items like porcelain china, or paintings will need extra care with bubble wrap and newspaper to ensure that they don’t break. Boxes that have fragile items should be marked “fragile.” Each food item has a different shelf; some foods spoil easily, some can last for a long time, so they should be stored accordingly in the fridge.

Do's and Dont's in storing Fragile and Perishable Items

When it comes to storing breakable items, care must be taken to ensure that these items are appropriately handled, and therefore getting professional help is a good idea. Perishable foods like fruits should be stored in the refrigerator in such a way that it lasts for a reasonably long time without getting spoiled.

Safe Packing and Storing Techniques of Fragile and Perishable Items

If you are trying to handle the packing fragile items, special care should be taken so that it is safe. It is necessary to clean the items first before wrapping them in bubble wrap so that it is relatively safe from dust, moisture, damage, and dirt. Newspapers can also be used to line these fragile items.

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